February Bullet Journal Setup

Phew, this is the latest I’ve had a new month set up for ages! Here it is, however, my February 2021 Bullet Journal Setup, which I did actually get ready before the start of the month (just!)

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February Bullet Journal Cover Page

February 2021 Bullet Journal Cover Page

In contrast to my bright pink theme for January, I’ve gone for a cooler palette of blue and green for February. While I absolutely loved my January theme and was slightly tempted to continue with it, my soul couldn’t cope with a pink February!

The main colours here are still from the same Galaxy Palette of Tombows as last month, however, again complimented by my trusty Staedtler Triplus Fineliners which have possibly been my best Bullet Journal purchase to date.

While January was all straight lines, I went for circles for February as a contrast. I’ve also reused the font I came up with for my 2021 setup as I really enjoyed using it then- and straight lines are definitely my forte!

February Bullet Journal Monthly Log

February 2021 Bullet Journal Monthly Log

Anyone who journals will appreciate February 2021: the perfect Monday to Sunday month. I really enjoyed how easy my circles’ theme made decorating this spread. Two minutes of effort for a lot of colours!

As I’ve got quite a lot on my plate this month, I’ve included a to-do list which I hope to start filling up shortly! It’s an exciting time for me, so having a plan will definitely be important.

February Bullet Journal Trackers

February 2021 Bullet Journal Trackers

In all honesty, I’m not 100% happy with my mood tracker. I think I should have stuck to my blues and greens for my circles rather than go with black. Once it’s filled in it’ll look good, but until then, it clashes with the rest of the theme.

I do however really like my habit tracker layout. I’ve added back my habit to journal daily, as I got quite slack in January and then with six habits I decided to set them in a pyramid.

It’s really satisfying to be able to get all my habits crossed off, so I think ultimately I will end up with equal amounts of black and colour on these two pages.

February Bullet Journal Blog Goals

February 2021 Bullet Journal Blog Stats

After the big drop in blog stats in December as I lost my footing a bit, it was nice to see my numbers (mostly) go up for January. I was hoping to increase my posting schedule back to three posts a fortnight, but life has had other plans!

I just hope you’ll all forgive me for getting distracted by buying a house!

At this stage, I’ve completely ditched Pinterest apart from using free Tailwind to set and forget some of my old pins. Creating new pins was just nowhere near the effort for the pitiful number of clicks they generated.

For me then, blogging over the last few months has been about focusing on what I can practically do- and what I enjoy creating. Which is why I’ve stuck with both my weekly posts and my monthly freebies. I am hoping to create more lasting posts, but I shall have to wait and see how the next few months pan out I think

DecemberJanuaryFebruary Goals
Blog Views300378400
Blog Visitors188228250
Email Subscribers222527
Pin Impressions1394813890
Pin Audience972516560
Pin Clicks22628
Twitter Followers7891100
Facebook Page Likes121213

In Summary…

I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out my February Bullet Journal setup. Opening my journal to colourful, fun pages is always a pleasure, and I love sharing my creations with you. This month also marks a year since I started getting creative with my Bullet Journal. Before February 2020 I was using the same weekly setup and the bare minimum elsewhere.

For me, Bullet Journaling really helped me through the mad year that was 2020, and I’m hoping it’ll keep me organised through the big changes that 2021 has to offer!

Thanks so much for reading, I’d love to hear what you think of my theme, so be sure to leave me a comment, otherwise, sign up below to get access to my free resource library! Take care and enjoy the month of February!☺

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        1. I’ve got some staedtler metallic markers and I love them- and my fineliners too always nice to know what other people use ☺️

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