Nine November Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

I’m back with some more theme ideas for your Bullet Journal! I’ve decided to help spark inspiration with November bullet journal theme ideas because I think it’s a difficult month. Wedged between October and December and their obvious options, November tends to vanish. Come with me, as I check out nine very impressive theme ideas for November in your bullet journal!

November Bullet Journal Theme Ideas



I think November is an excellent time to get back to nature and do some quiet reflection. Between the bustle and commercialisation of Halloween and Christmas, I think it’s important to take a break and think about what really matters. A nature-inspired bullet journal theme is a great way to do this. Look out the window and see what inspires you!


Having a minimalist theme for your bullet journal this November is another excellent way to have a break between some fairly intense months. It’s easy to go all-out with a Halloween or Christmas theme, so having a break from anything complicated and keeping it simple is a great idea in November- particularly as it’s normally a busy preparation period. For more minimalist themes, check out my dedicated Pinterest Board.


As the year draws to a close, we have an opportunity to reflect and start planning for the year ahead. A mystical theme of dreamcatchers, crystals or constellations can be a great way to symbolise this period of reflection and planning and inspire positive change in your life.


It’s something I can forget, now that I’m back in Australia, but the northern hemisphere is preparing for winter! Seasonal themes are always a lovely way of easily identifying months as you page through a bullet journal and November is no different. Perhaps after a pumpkin-heavy October, a shift to colourful leaves is a great way to keep those warm oranges in your journal while keeping some distinction. For more Autumnal themes, check out my dedicated Pinterest Board. If you like the idea of this theme, make sure to subscribe below to download a free autumn-themed calendar & habit tracker!


Coffee is an excellent theme for November for several reasons. For those of you with cold weather arriving, a warm drink is always welcome, while elsewhere, it’s exam season. Who needs caffeine more than students preparing for exams?! Keep yourself warm and alert this November with a warm coffee theme!


Regardless of where you live, November is a seasonal tipping point, bringing with it plenty of weather changes. Whether the month heralds in sunshine or snow, recording the weather around you can be a great way to stay grounded and focus on something outside your control. I think taking a step back to the uncontrollable is a great way to separate the theme of a bullet journal from how you use it to organise your life!


I spent a lot of time choosing a theme for my bullet journal this November and I settled on camping. Here in Australia, November is a great month for camping before it gets too hot. Like my nature theme earlier, I really wanted to reflect both on nature and what’s still possible. While we can’t currently travel as freely as we may wish, camping is a way of breaking routine and exploring somewhere new. If you like the idea of this theme, make sure to subscribe below to download a free camping-themed calendar & habit tracker!


One for my US readers! While the rest of the world appreciates a quiet month between Halloween and Christmas, the US celebrates Thanksgiving. Maybe add a gratitude log to your November spreads and record what you’ve been thankful for this year!


While the rest of the world is obsessed with orange leaves, flowers are blossoming in the Southern Hemisphere! Celebrate the return of warm weather with a spring-inspired bullet journal theme. Maybe include some of your native flowers and make it bright and cheerful! For more Spring themes, check out my dedicated Pinterest Board.

There you have it, nine November bullet journal theme ideas!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration with these themes. If you’d like any more examples, check out my pin collection or take a look at my past monthly setups. Never forget, you can never be wrong in what you decide to do in your bullet journal! It is uniquely yours, and all the more valuable for it!

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          1. Having a break before a mad Christmas theme is definitely a sound idea; all the best with it!!

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