About Dotted Pages

Welcome to Dotted Pages! Thanks for dropping by and checking out who I am and what Dotted Pages is all about!

Starting Dotted Pages will probably be harder than climbing a mountain; but equally worthwhile.
Me up a mountain!

Iโ€™m a 20-something graduate with a life-long love of stationery and stepping out of my comfort zone!
Launching this blog is my latest adventure.

While it doesnโ€™t involve any physical mountains, I know there will be challenges to overcome, but they’re what makes life interesting!

Why Bullet Journaling?

I restarted Bullet Journaling in September 2019 to try and regain a sense of organisation and purpose. I felt I was being sucked into a nine to five life without much inspiration or forward momentum. To start with I kept things very simple as I have never been confident of my artistic skills. As it developed into a habit however, I took inspiration from what other people were doing and branching out into more elaborate designs.

I wanted to start talking about my Bullet Journal in a longer format than Instagram posts in Spring 2020 so decided to start a blog. This was my first blog with a consistent subject and after a couple of months, I started thinking about blogging a bit more seriously than with a free WordPress.com account!

Introducing Dotted Pages!

Four months later, I transitioned to a paid domain and am now taking on the world of plugins! Looking back, I realise I should have made this leap when I first began blogging, but hindsight isn’t everything! I now have the experience of transferring an existing blog across platforms and am looking forward to sharing that experience.

My aim for this blog is to share what I create, inspire anyone seeking inspiration and help anyone who isn’t sure where to start. I look forward to sharing this adventure with you all, feel free to drop me a line in the contact form or via email anytime!

Where to start?

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