Week 24 2020 #afterthepen

Lots of things checked off my to do list last week which is always satisfying! I also crossed a few things off as I’ve decided that I’m going to leave until I’m finished work as trying to get packing done when we’re still using everything is pretty tricky.

I had my last day in the actual office on Friday as I needed to go in to empty my locker before I finish. It was a really surreal experience honestly, the last time I was there it was a bustling building with several hundred people working there, this time, there were only four people (including me) on one side of a floor and I only saw about four other different people when I had my lunch.

I wasn’t allowed to travel into the office by public transport and as I don’t have a car and it was absolutely drenching weather I ended up taking an Uber back and forth- wearing my new reusable mask which luckily arrived just before they became compulsory here in the UK on transport.

It was a really interesting look at what has changed in the past three months since lockdown started; things that we used to take for granted like going into the office or public transport being only stressful in regards to dodgy timetables. It’s going to be really weird watching how things attempt to go back to normal and seeing how successfully they do so.

I’m now really close to finishing my current journal so are there any spreads you’d be interested in seeing? My very cramped index page, what’s happened so far in my year in pixels (yearly mood-tracker) or perhaps my quickly filling up read/watch list?

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