Week 10 2021 & March Bullet Journal Setup

It’s my first week in my new Bullet Journal, and I’m very excited! I’ve also realised that just as moving into my last journal marked a significant milestone, my new journal heralds in some more big life changes. Bring on week 10 of 2021!

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Week 10 2021 Bullet Journal Spread

More on my theme in a minute, for now, I want to talk layout. Because this month is going to be completely hectic, I’m going for setups that value practicality over art.

As you can see from my spread for week 10, I’ve given myself lots of space for my to-do’s and forward planning for the next week. I didn’t want to leave lots of space to fill in, I want the room to get organised!

My other big change in this weekly set up is the lack of ruled lines! For once, I’ve let myself freehand my boxes, and I love the outcome. This more relaxed approach also means it takes less time to set up pages!

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March 2021 Set Up

March 2021 Cover Page

March 2021 is all about practicality. I have enough going on this month without maintaining a fancy Bullet Journal theme.

I’ve therefore picked my favourite colour, decided to use gold as an accent, and gone from there.

As you can see, half of my cover page is taken up with a huge to-do list. Monthly to-dos are something I’ve neglected in the past, but I think this month it’ll see a lot of use!

March 2021 Log

The clean design follows through into my monthly log. Apart from a few goals, this spread is about as minimalist as you can get for a monthly log in a calendar layout!

When planning monthly goals, I’m going to try to refer back to my yearly goals as much as possible to stay focused.

March Monthly Trackers

March 2021 Mood & Habit Trackers

Creating mood trackers on Word is a great way to save time. Simply find an icon that goes with your theme and copy/paste!

As March marks new beginnings in a new house, I thought doors would be a great, simple shape to fill in.

I’ve decided to stick to the same habits to track in March that I had in February. They worked very well, and while I get settled into a new routine, I didn’t want to shake things up too much.

March 2021 Sleep & Blog Trackers

As I travel through March, I will hopefully collect ideas of how I can create the habits that will be most important as a homeowner!

My sleep tracker is always a favourite to set up because it never changes. It’s a real example of finding something that works and sticking to it!

On the other hand, my blog stats tracker has adjusted to remove tracking of my Pinterest statistics. As I’ve all but given up on it, it seemed silly to continue counting views and clicks!

On the blog front, things may go a little quiet over the next couple of months as I get settled into my new home. I aim to keep up with my weekly posts but may struggle to produce more than that.

Thank you for reading my week 10 of 2021 update! Be sure to check out some of my other posts for more inspiration. Don’t forget to subscribe below to gain access to my free resource library (new March calendars out now!) and keep up to date with my latest posts!

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