Week 18 2020 #afterthepen

Completed weekly spread for week 18

I’m not going to lie, while I loved my April Rainbow theme, it took a lot of effort- I don’t think I’ve done so much colouring in since… I actually don’t know when; art has never been my forte and I didn’t really get into the colouring in to relax thing (give me an old British murder mystery instead!)

Last week felt like it went on forever in all honesty. I have heaps that need to be done with less than two months left in my current flat left before everything needs to be sold or boxed up for shipping to Australia and it’s quite overwhelming. I’ve got a list up now of what I need to do, but there are so many things it’s really hard to know where to begin- and honestly, I have no idea how many boxes I’ll need to move everything I’m taking back with me and without that I can’t get a quote for shipping so it goes around in circles!

I’ll certainly say that one of my highlights of the week was a quiz night with my work team. I’ve been on furlough for over a month now and it’s been really weird to not see any of them so it was a great chance to catch up and have a laugh with someone other than my boyfriend or either or our parents- not that they’re not great to talk to, but got to have some variety!

Any advice on tackling big lists and tasks would be appreciated, thanks for reading 🤗

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