Week 7 2021 Update and Bullet Journal Spread

This year is already vanishing; I guess that’s what happens when you’re staying busy! Week 7 of 2021 marks 3 weeks until I’m the owner of my own home. I’m starting to realise just how much I have to organise and move before then!

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Week 7 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

With how hectic my life is at the moment, it is lovely to be journaling. February’s cool and calm palette is proving to be a good choice. I find it very soothing, which is a relief when I’m so busy.

This week I have tried something completely new: watercolour! After picking up some water brushes and metallic watercolour paints over the weekend, I was determined to start experimenting. I was too cautious to go in for any heavy colour or large areas for my first attempt in my journal, so I’ve stuck to random circles of colour.

I’m really happy with how this spread turned out, given it was my first attempt at using watercolours. I’m looking forward to experimenting more. Maybe in the last few pages of this journal before I move onto my new one. I’d love to do a couple of full-page washes in my new journal set up, but I’m not sure that’s a wise idea! If you’ve got any tips or advice for using watercolour in an A&O journal, please let me know, as I’m a blank page!

Week 7 2021 Personal Update

January 2021 Bullet Journal Summary

I’ve got a bit of an extra treat for you this week! My summary page for January! January was an enormous month for me, with lots to enjoy, so I really enjoyed creating this spread.

From the adulting achievements of permanent work, and buying a car and house, to enjoying new music and TV, January was a very kind month.

While there have been some ups and downs along the way, it’s amazing to look at what I’ve already achieved in 2021. Hopefully, the year will remain this productive and successful as January was!

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