Week 16 2021 Bullet Journal Spread

I’m back! Apologies for the lack of a post last week, but I ended up having a very busy Easter long weekend. Indeed, since moving into my new house, I’ve hardly used my computer for anything other than working from home or dealing with things like utilities. I’ve made time this week, however, to sit down to write this post and share with you both my Bullet Journal spread for week 16 of 2021, and what I’ve been up to since my last post.

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Week 16 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

As I discussed in my last post, I had quite a lot of trouble thinking of a theme for April. Eventually, I decided on an autumn theme, after missing the season entirely in 2020.

My two theme colours are red and orange, and I’m really satisfied with how it’s looking. While the warming colours were a little out of place last week, when we nudged 30c, they’re definitely comforting today. Apparently, it feels like 6c outside!

For week 16, I’ve re-used one of the layouts I used in March, but have gone back to a fineliner and ruler. While I enjoyed the freehand approach last month, I just didn’t have to pens to do the same in April; and variety is a good thing!

I won’t show you my new monthly setup in full, but I did want to share my mood tracker with you. I’ve found using Microsoft Icons is a great way to quickly and easily put together an effective themed mood tracker. Perfect for when you’re running low on time!

April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup

I’m using Microsoft Icons to create easy, themed mood trackers!

Week 16 2021 Update

Where to begin? The last couple of weeks have been very busy, getting used to a new routine only to have it change again. I am now able to work from home two days a week, which reduces my weekly commute from ten hours to six! I’m also carpooling a couple of days a week which saves me (and my fuel) even more.

I understand with COVID that carpooling has become less appealing, but here, where we’re living COVID-free, it just makes so much sense. We may not have reliable or regular public transport, but we do have commuters who take the same routes at the same times.

While working from home has given me more time to get things done around the house, I’m yet to make any significant changes. I’ve been having a serious think about structural work and colour schemes and, but deciding where to begin is really difficult.

Progress has been made in the garden at least, with some heavy work over Easter. I just need to remember that not everything needs to be done immediately, and my time will be well-spent making a solid list of priorities.

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