Fantastically Festive December Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

Are you looking for festive December Bullet Journal theme ideas? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’re going to have a look at some great ideas that will take your Bullet Journal right into the festive spirit with you. From simple to fancy, we’re going to check out some awesome theme ideas for you to use in your Bullet Journal this December.


  1. Go for Gold!
  2. Magically Minimalist
  3. Ho Ho Holly
  4. Winter Wonderland
  5. Wreath it Up
  6. Christmas Creatures (sort of!)
  7. Cookie Cutters
  8. Under the Christmas Tree
  9. Get Decorative
  10. Reusable Wrappings
  11. Candy Canes
  12. Winter Wonderland Part II

Go For Gold December Theme

I love using my gold Stabilo marker, and this would be a perfect cover page to use it on. I love that this theme is both minimal with only two colours but still super effective! My doodling skills are not up for this- but maybe someday!

Magically Minimalist

Christmas can be a hectic time of the year. Sitting back and taking a minimalist approach to your Bullet Journal can therefore be a great way of reducing your workload. I love this December cover because it’s really simple, yet makes it obvious that you’re entering the festive season!

Ho Ho Holly

Picking a simple floral motif to use throughout a month is a great idea. Holly works really well for this because it’s both distinctive and colourful. There’s no need to add Santa to this spread to know it’s Christmasy; the red and green holly does that for you!

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Winter Wonderland

For those of you not on the Christmas bandwagon, you can always check out a seasonal theme! Detailed snowflakes are a great way to move into winter without the festive baggage. Seasonal themes are always great, and an easy idea if you’re ever stuck on what to add to your Bullet Journal!

Wreath it Up

I recently did a floral wreath weekly layout and loved it. I think wreaths are a great way to add some greenery to a page, and by adding some bells or red ribbon, it’s an instant festive lift! Don’t neglect circles in December, whether it be for wreaths, baubles or puddings!

Christmas Creatures (sort of!)

Who can go past a cute Chrismas animal? Even when it’s a very lost penguin! Try having a reindeer peek into every page, or follow hoof-prints until Christmas Eve. Animals are a great way to get into the Christmas mood!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or don’t have time to do a festive set up, check out my printable December calendars! With layouts that include to-do lists and a habit tracker, and two theme options, get December organised with minimal effort!

Making gingerbread for Christmas is one of my longest-standing traditions. It tastes great, makes excellent presents and can be used to decorate the tree! These cute little gingerbread figures are gorgeous was to theme December in your Bullet Journal.

Under the Christmas Tree

For so many people, Christmas day centres around the Christmas tree. Why not make it the focus of your Bullet Journal as well? I absolutely love how detailed this tree is, it’d be such a lovely spread to record your Christmas memories on!

Get Decorative

Fairy lights, paper chains and tinsel are staples of Christmas decoration. Why not add them to your Bullet Journal too? These designs would make great borders or separators in your layouts, so decorate your journal, not just your home!

Reusable Wrappings

We all have scraps of wrapping paper lying around that aren’t big enough to wrap much. Why not reuse them in your Bullet Journal theme? Instead of buying craft paper, use what you have left in your house to create colourful Christmas colleges for minimal effort! Reusing old paper is a great way to add colour, not just at Christmas so go and search your cupboard for scraps now!

December Christmas Theme with Recycled paper

Candy Canes

Red and white candy cane stripes make a striking, simple addition to a Bullet Journal. A candy cane theme is simple to set up, but makes an immediate impact and is easy to incorporate into every spread of the month.

Winter Wonderland Part II

There are so many amazing winter themes out there I just had to share another! Instead of snowflakes, this time we’ve gone for a gorgeous winter forest. There are lots of wintery ideas out there; skiers, hot chocolate or wool just to name a few. As with anything in your Bullet Journal, the only limit is your imagination!

December Bullet Journal Theme Ideas Pin

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  1. Wow. some great ideas. I liked the idea of reusing the wrapping papers, for a bullet journal theme. Thanks, for sharing some unique ideas! 🤗💖

    1. I have heaps of craft paper left over from when mum was a teacher- it works amazingly! Glad you enjoyed ☺️

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