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This is my current journal. We went through Flying Tiger in York and it jumped out at me how much I had enjoyed journaling when I did it back in 2016 and how helpful I’d found it.

As you can see, I started this journal in September last year and have almost finished it- I think the final full month will be June 2020 so quite a nice finish exactly halfway thorugh the year!

It’s a dotted journal which I hadn’t used before but wished I’d had in 2016- so much nicer to write all over than lined particularly if you’re doing any landscape spreads.

Positives for this notebook; pretty cheap (can’t remember how much exactly but it was!) nifty little guide pages at the back- always nice to have some inspiration at your fingertips and I really like the dotted cover.

Negatives; The pages are pretty thin so you can’t use really inky pens without bleeding through and I don’t particularly like the fact it says ‘bullet planner’ on the front. Overall really happy with it though!

I think my biggest mistake with this journal was the index- I only made it the one page pictured! Big mistake, as you can see I’ve had to cram things in pretty randomly- but something to learn from!

What notebook do you use? Do you prefer dotte, lined or blank?

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