Perfect Christmas Gifts For Bullet Journalers {AF}

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to think about Christmas gifts for Bullet Journalers! Whether you know someone who journals, or you just want to treat yourself, I’ve compiled some excellent essentials to keep stationery stocks high.

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Esc. Goods Bullet Journals (AF)

Esc. Goods are new on the journal scene and- very excitingly- are Australian! With 160gsm white or 150gsm black Bullet Journal options, these are a great new contender. While they only have a couple of options currently, they are looking to expand their colour range. If you want to support an Aussie business, and help them get there faster, check out their products and use my exclusive discount code to get 10% off your first purchase!

10% Discount Code: DOTTEDPAGES

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Dotted Notebooks (AF) (Aussie Link)

For those looking to keep to a minimalist Bullet Journal, the Leuchtturm is a great option. While the thinner pages of this journal (80gsm) aren’t suitable for much artistry, the smooth cover and large range of colours make this a versatile choice. If you want a smart, professional-looking Bullet Journal, this is a great option!

Archer & Olive Journals

A Bullet Journal Notebook by Archer & Olive

No Bullet Journal roundup would be complete without mentioning Archer & Olive. With 160gsm pages and gorgeous cover designs, these are the must-haves of the journaling world! Unfortunately, for those of us not in the US, the shipping times can be long, so that’s something to watch when ordering for Christmas! Check out their full collection here, or my current journal here.

Essential Writing Tools

For essential witing tools to use in your Bullet Journal, you can’t do much better than these options!

Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150 (AF) (Aussie Link)

These are my go-to pens for my Bullet Journal. They’re always smooth and dry very quickly given the glossy finish. These are a great all-rounder option in your Bullet Journal and come in a basic range of writing colours or decent multipacks.

Artline 200 Fineliner (AF) (Aussie Link)

For something a bit more delicate, try out the Artline fineliners. These medium-nib fineliners are great for drawing up boxes, or small details without running down your every-day pen. They also tend to smudge less than glossy pens such as the Uni-Ball so are good for a quick fix.

Stabilo Pastel Highlighters (AF) (Aussie Link)

We all need a little bit of colour in our lives, and these are a perfect place to begin. These subtle pastel highlighters are great because they aren’t as in-your-face as the regular options and they have a 5mm tip, which means they highlight a whole row of a dotted journal in one go!

Adding Colour to your Bullet Journal

If you’re looking to move away from monochome and add some colour to your jounal, these are some great options to choose from!

Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (AF) (Aussie Link)

Ever since I purchased them, my Staedtler fineliners have been a staple of my Bullet Journal setups. They have a great range of colours and a lovely fine point for details. These really are an excellent option for any Bullet Journal whether it’s minimalist or arty.

Zebra Midliners – Cool & Refined Five-Pack (AF) (Aussie Link)

I love these midliners! While Zebra has a large colour range to choose from, this is my pick of the five-pack sets they offer because of the colours. Like the Stabilo highlighters mentioned above, these aren’t neon, so are a great subtle touch. I love this pack because it includes grey and red, which are really hard colours to find as highlighters: and they look amazing. These pens are also double-ended, so you get both a chisel end for highlighting and a finer tip for details.

Stabilo Metallic 68 Pens (AF) (Aussie Link)

These metallic felt tip pens are amazing. For a metallic burst of colour, I go for these every time. While they are felt-tip, I’ve had no trouble with bleeding on thicker paper, and apart from on glossy washi tapes, they rarely smudge. If you love adding some sparkle to your Bullet Journal, these are a perfect set!

Tombow Dual Brush Galaxy Ten-Pack (AF) (Aussie Link)

If you’re looking to start doing some blending or brush pen work, this is a great pack to start with. It has a gorgeous range of colours, as well as a plain blending brush to create watercolour effects. Tombow has an enormous collection, but these are a great place to start if you’re stuck for choices!

Christmas Gifts for Bullet Journalers

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of gift ideas for the Bullet Journaler in your life! If you’re the Bullet Journaler, perhaps pass this on to your loved ones to inspire them! *wink wink*

If you have decided to purchase through one of my links, thank you! You are helping to support this blog- and at no extra cost to you! More Bullet Journal supplies can be found here for those of you in the US, or here for Aussies. If you have any ideas of essential items you think should be included, or I should try out, please let me know!

All the best with your Christmas gift shopping and seasons greetings!

Christmas Gifts Bullet Journalers

Christmas Gifts for Bullet Journalers

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    1. The midliners are great; I’ve used them so much since buying them! A&O journals are gorgeous and are worth the price- although the long delivery time if you’re not in the US can be a bummer!

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