Week 25 2020 Spread

First of all, apologies for not posting since last Tuesday! I was due to post one of the spreads from my new Journal but as stated last week, I’m just really not feeling the journal I was due to move to so I’m waiting for the second one I’ve ordered to arrive! Right AN over, onto this week!

One of the advantages of having a set theme of some kind for the month is that you can reuse the same layouts without them becoming too repetitive.

I really like the space this spread provides and the red and blue details from this month’s theme make the text boxes really stand out- with, importantly, minimal effort!

Unfortunately today has shown that you can write as many countdown lists as you want, but the universe doesn’t always care. I’ve been counting down to my flights back to Australia for the past month but now this morning, as I’m almost at the three week mark, they’ve been cancelled.

Obviously on the scale of things happening around the world this is pretty minor and not very surprising, but that doesn’t mean that personally it isn’t a blow. When you’ve got one thing you’re really looking forward to, and it’s also the final point of all your planning and preparation it’s a pretty big hit.

Ah well, life must go on. I still have the same dates for finishing at work, getting all my boxes for shipping packed and moving out of my flat, it just the bit after that that’s now uncertain.

Given everything that’s going on, I’m really glad that I went for a simple theme for June- I’ve really been too busy- I or too distracted to be bothered with anything too fancy! Do you adjust the complexity of your layouts depending on how busy you are? Or do you like having a complicated spread to draw up as chill or wind down time?

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