May 2020 Setup πŸ“…

It’s a new month! April was a very weird month so quite nice to be able to turn the page into May. I really liked how colourful April’s spreads were so I decided to keep the bright colours going with some beehives and bees in May!

I’m not the best at freehand drawing but I have a stencil that includes a couple of different hexagon sizes so that was perfect, and I have managed to draw a few bees 🐝 myself which I am (absurdly) very proud of.

My calendar layout means I don’t have as much space on each day as I normally would, but honestly, given the lack of anything happening currently, that’s not really an issue! My habit tracker is a slightly different layout than the last couple of months so we’ll see how that goes- and now has Duolingo on it as I’ve started French (again.)

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for what I could do for June- the last month in my current journal!

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