Week 27-28 2020 #afterthepen

Once again, the best laid plans again go astray. By now I should have been in Sydney (preferably sound asleep) but no, still grounded in Yorkshire.

At time of writing, I’m re-booked to fly on the 17th July to Melbourne but given that it sounds like the number restrictions Sydney brought in nationwide- plus that Melbourne airport may remain closed for longer than planned, I may not be going anywhere any time soon.

When I started this spread in my new journal I had a brave new plan that this weekly would last until I flew and then two weeks in quarantine would neatly fit the next two layouts. I think, honestly, I may have jinxed myself!

I’m therefore going to finish the week I’ve already laid out (28-29) and then switch back to standard Monday-Sunday. At least that way I won’t feel as if I’m continuing to jinx myself when plans inevitably change!

In all honesty it could be a lot worse, I’ve got somewhere to stay, my airline are being very decent about shifting to the next possible flight and I’ve got parents willing to contribute if Victoria decide to charge for the compulsory hotel quarantine. At the end of the day it’s about staying positive and trying to keep yourself occupied.

Given that this is my first time using a weekly habit tracker, it’s worked really well. I think if you have trouble remembering to complete trackers when they’re part of the monthly setup incorporating them into your weekly layouts is definitely worth a try!

That’s all for now, I’ll try to keep to fairly regular every other day posting and, if not, feel free to drop me a message saying oi!

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