Week 47 2020 Update and Bullet Journal Spread

What a week! Aside from starting a new full-time job, I’ve also written my first ever guest and sponsored posts! Juggling work and my blog was a challenge, but hopefully, in week 47 of 2020, I can improve my routine! For now, though, let’s have a look at my latest Bullet Journal weekly setup.

Week 47 2020 Bullet Journal Spread

As you can see, my November camping theme has devolved into an Australian Bush appreciation theme! For week 47 of 2020, I’ve abandoned the camping features as I’m unlikely to go camping. This is my first ever spread with circular writing areas, but as I’m now working, I don’t need as much space.

I’m really pleased with how this spread turned out. The clean space is really pleasing, and the wreath design- another first- was simple to do but is really effective. I can certainly see this layout becoming a staple, and I look forward to incorporating it!

Week 47 Personal Update

As I mentioned above, the last week has been full-on! Throughout October, I timed my blog work, but those estimates were redundant when I had to write two extra posts. I was really fortunate to be able to produce my first ever guest post for PlanningwithEm! As I’ve previously mentioned, I really believe in the importance of creating a Bullet Journal that works for you; rather than just something shiny for Instagram.

While I love admiring and sharing designs and layouts online, I think they can be a real trap to new Bullet Journalers. Don’t be afraid of an imperfect journal! None of us made perfect, beautiful spreads when we were first starting, and life is messy!

I also wrote my first ever sponsored/gifted post last week! I’m really pleased I’ve been able to incorporate it into a piece about organisation and planning, so if you want to create a great workspace, check it out here!

That’s all from me today, but don’t forget to check out my first Christmas post about festive planning in your Bullet Journal here. Otherwise, all the best, and I hope you have an excellent week!

Week 47 2020 Pin

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