Week 3 2021 Update and Bullet Journal Spread

So I’m currently a little distracted from my blog, but I think that’s fair enough given what’s been going on this week. Firstly, it was a different week at work, with new responsibilities and an interview for my role to become permanent. Secondly, over the weekend I went for my first ever test drives and house inspections. Thirdly, I’ve walked away from the weekend with a new car to pick up on Thursday and an accepted offer on a house that I now need to organise inspections and paperwork for! Week 3 of 2021 then, is going to be a very busy one!

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Week 3 2021 Bullet Journal Spread

For now, let’s focus on my Bullet Journal! I’ve gone back to one of my favourite spreads because it’s an easy one to draw up. Except for my little geometric decoration, this spread took five minutes to prepare. As always, being able to get my week drawn up quickly is important to me. I want to spend more time using a weekly than I do to create it!

That being said, I really am enjoying these colours and geometric design. I don’t know why I haven’t gone geometric before, I’m such a fan! Who knows, I may revisit in later in the year when I break in my new journal!

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Week 3 2021 Personal Update

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve had a slightly mad start to 2021. It seems like buying some new Lego is the only thing stopping me sliding into full adult mode!

Since I returned to Australia in the middle of last year, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to live with my parents and even have the use of one of their cars once I started commuting. I always knew that house-hunting and getting a car of my own were on my to-do list, I just didn’t expect them to happen this suddenly!

Sometimes, however, things just fall into place. With my car, end of year specials, as well as the high price of used cars in Australia, made buying a new one a no-brainer. It was just luck that the one we found to be the best deal I also felt comfortable very quickly.

On the house-hunting front, it is slightly mad to only see four properties in-person before making an offer, but I have been looking for several months. Obviously, it’s not a done deal yet, as I need to secure my financing and sort out inspections and the legal side of things, but having your offer accepted is an enormous step. I’ll try to keep you up to date with my progress, but apologies if I’m somewhat distracted in the next few weeks!

All the best from me for now and thank you for reading! Be sure to check out some of my other posts if you like my journaling style or want some info on how to start your own Bullet Journal- and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more!

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