Week 26 2020 #afterthepen

The definition of a mad week! In the end I did ‘got this’ but it felt a bit uncertain at times.

We had our first trip into town apart from to the supermarket since March on Monday which was pretty surreal in all honesty but also nice to go in- I had a heap of vouchers from Christmas to spend which I obviously won’t be able to spend once I’ve moved back to Australia!

It was a properly warm UK summer week this week, which honestly wasn’t ideal when we were carting big boxes around a loft space that manages to retain heat really well (apart from when you have the heating on!) So quite a few of my strongest memories are of being very very sweaty in all honesty!

At the end of the day though, we got everything boxed up, cleaned and moved out (if the estate agents try to take cleaning fees off my deposit we will have words…) and that’s that, another chapter closed as a new one begins really.

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