June 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

As mentioned in my sneak peek, this month is a lot busier so I’ve gone for a more minimalist spread that will hopefully be simpler to fill in daily.

I’ve also gone for a condensed spread, getting rid of a cover page and using a traditional vertical calendar (as mentioned in my starting a Bullet Journal guide.) I’m honestly not sure already whether or not I’ve given myself enough room for daily events or tasks, as you can see it’s already a bit busy, but I’ll have to wait and see- and learn, which is kinda the point of testing out different spreads.

This month also sees a new spread for planning my blog posts and recording how many views/likes I’m getting per day. It’s pretty basic but hoping it’ll give me a decent overview and help me spread out posts if I’m unable to keep daily posts going.

My habit trackers have remained almost identical to those of May, but I have added in a couple of monthly goals for exercising as I’ve really slacked off over the past couple of weeks since I’ve gone back to work and hopefully being able to cross these off will help motivate me!

I wanted to have a little bit of colour in even though I’m keeping things simple and I decided that as it’s my last full month in the UK I would go with the Union Jack colours (the stars are for night time NOT the USA to clarify!) These are also really handy colours as I own washi tapes, stickers and basic pens in red and blue to go with the theme without having to bother with colouring in.

What are you doing for your June spreads? Do you like keeping things simple or is it colour and detail all the way?

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