Week 38 2020 Update and Bullet Journal Spread

Hello and welcome back to another Harry Potter Bullet Journal spread! This week I’m celebrating quidditch (and of course Gryffindor!) After a very lazy weekend, I’m a bit out of kilter and completed this spread today rather than on Sunday. This spread then is very simple, and I think more effective for it. I’m going into week 38 2020 with very few set plans, apart from hoping to hear back about some job applications!

Week 38 2020

As my colour scheme, this month isn’t strict, I’ve decided to use gold to link each spread. I’ve also decided to go back to smaller boxes for ‘next week’ and ‘to do.’ I’m hardly filling in these boxes most weeks, so I thought I’d give myself a bit more room to decorate!

One of the few things I have planned this week it to get back into doing some yoga! I can’t get to classes and it’s nice to have company, so my Mum’s been kind enough to agree to join me- so I’m looking forward to that! I’m also hoping to get a bushwalk in every week and looking forward to being able to meet up with a friend or two for something other than a walk.

At the moment, stuck in limbo, I’m finding it hard to stay motivated. My habit tracker helps, but I’m having to give myself more regular breaks to stay sane at the moment. We’re so lucky here to have both a big garden and more freedom than people living in Melbourne but after months of lockdown, I can see why people are getting fed up.

Despite this, I still believe that our leaders in Victoria have done the right thing and I’d much rather be here under lockdown than in the UK. With cases reaching back up to several thousand a day, the government has shown that the economy is more important than lives and health. This view is cemented by their recent appointment of Tony Abbot who thinks that elderly lives are a fair cost for an open economy.

Right. Enough getting cross at conservative headcases. Numbers are improving here, and hopefully, we’ll get used to our new ‘normal’ quickly and can see family and friends over Christmas and the rest of the summer! That’s it from me today, I hope you’re all safe and healthy and enjoy week 38 of 2020!

Week 38 2020 Pin

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