Week 25 2020 #afterthepen

Looking back, I still really look how this spread looks; the corner effect is something I will look at using again. This was my last week of work and it was certainly jam-packed.

I rewarded myself this week by (finally) buying Civilisation VI; I’ve had V for seven years and absolutely love it but it is fairly formulaic in terms of how I tend to approach things- once you get the hang of a decent order of play you can quite easily snowball- which while satisfying can get quite repetitive.

By contrast, from what I’ve played of VI, so much depends on your starting location and every play-through requires a different approach depending on where you can place cities- which you can easily have far more of than would have been sensible in V!

Enough of games; this is a journaling blog! Looking back I realise that this was probably the last week I’ll be following a work routine for quite a while- certainly for a month or so. Given that I am going to be lacking a work structure then, it’s going to be especially important that I keep up my journaling as it is such a key part of keeping myself organised an motivated to keep up good habits.

What do you do when you lose basic routines such as work or school? How do you keep yourself motivated- or do you take it as a well-earned break?

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