Four Fabulous September Bullet Journal Theme Ideas to Try Out!

Are you looking for September Bullet Journal theme ideas? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve collated four theme ideas that I think are perfect for September, regardless of where you live!

As some of these are themes I’m yet to try out myself, and my artistic skills are rudimentary at best, I’ve used Pinterest to collate some great examples. Each board includes examples of cover pages and monthly and weekly logs. There are so many great ideas out in the Bullet Journal community that it’s impossible to fit everything in, but I feel like I’ve got a great selection here for you to check out for inspiration!

1: Spring Theme

For those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere, September marks the beginning of Spring! A lot of theme idea posts are Northern Hemisphere-based, so I thought I’d start mine for those of us living south of the equator. Spring is for flowers and life; bright colours are great here as a pick-me-up after winter, although I suspect pastel flowers would be lovely too. I used three bright themes through this Spring and they helped lift my mood!

Colour Schemes: Light and cheerful; try light greens with complimentary colour for flowers if you want to keep it simple or go for enough colours to fill a wild meadow if you’re more adventurous!

Design Details: Anything spring! Try flowers or blossoms (cherry trees anyone) or perhaps some colourful wildlife. Some ideas could be ladybugs or butterflies as they’re bright and cheerful.

Dotted Pages Example: Check out my March 2020 Flip-through. I really enjoyed my green and purple spring theme from March this year, It was my first ever monthly theme and I loved how it made my journaling for the month flow together.

2: Autumn Theme

While I wanted to include something for the Southern Hemisphere, I realise that most of you live north of the equator! Given that, I’m also including a collection of Autumnal designs. As September is early Autumn, I probably wouldn’t go whole-hog with pumpkins, but there is certainly lots of scope for autumn leaves, foxes or fungi! The key thing here for me would be warm colours; oranges, reds and warm browns. Looking through my board for this, I’m disappointed that I’m not going to get an Autumn until next year- I can’t wait to try some of these ideas out!

Colour Schemes: As mentioned above keeping warm and earthy here! Lots of reds and oranges, with some dark green and brown thrown in.

Design Details: Autumnal leaves are great and relatively uncomplicated. Mushrooms are another simple option that works well. Putting together this board, I also discovered lots of cute foxes so that’s another idea!

There are no examples from me here I’m afraid, but really looking forward to playing with some of these gorgeous colours come Autumn next year!

3: Harry Potter Theme

Those of you who know me will probably be surprised that I haven’t done a Harry Potter theme already! The reason why is that I’ve been saving it for September. While I’ve seen great Harry Potter themed spreads for just about every month, September is the perfect month for me, as it’s the start of the Hogwarts school year. Looking for ideas for this board made me drool as some of the artwork is just fantastic- I mean look at the detail on those Hogwarts illustrations!!! As I cannot hope to compete, I think I may cheat a little with my setup this month, but there are also enough simple design elements that I’ll still have a go at my art.

Colour Schemes: House colours! You could try a different house each week or just stick to your favourite house. I also think purple and gold are a great non-house combo!

Design Details: House crests and animals are obvious options here. You can also play around with stars, potion bottles, wands or wizard hats- the possibilities are endless. For example, I love the little Marauders Map footprints as a detail.

As mentioned above, this Spetember will be my first month doing a Harry Potter setup, so check back at the start of September to see how I’ve got on!

4: Minimalist Theme

A minimalist Bullet Journal theme is always a valid option! Whether you’re expecting a busy month, want a break from more complicated spreads or are just starting out, a minimalist theme is a great idea. I’ve included this because I always want to remind people that there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple. I think there is so much pressure looking at others’ Bullet Journals that you have to be as complicated as what you see online. It’s not true! A clean, simple setup is just as appealing as a gorgeously detailed one- what works for you is always correct!

Colour Schemes: Traditionally black and white, but you can always choose one or two colours to use consistently. I suggest picking one or two pens/markers and only using those for the whole month. Which means this would be great as an option if you’re travelling- not that anyone is right now!

Design Details: Minimal to me means minimal effort as well as minimal styling. If you want a bit more detail try a single washi tape or sticker design to keep things simple. Perhaps if you can’t go a whole month without letting your creative juices flow, add something to your setup like a doodle-a-day to keep your hand in!

Dotted Pages Example: For further ideas check out my June 2020 Setup. This was a twist on a minimalist theme, using just red and blue pens, washi tape and stickers. You can also check out any of my spreads from early 2020, as they are very simple. Although more from a lack of confidence and inspiration than a desire to be minimalist.

That’s it, my September Bullet Journal Theme Ideas!

I really hope you enjoyed these ideas! It was great fun hunting through Pinterest to find great examples from the community to share with you. I’m also aware that there are WAY more theme ideas you could use for any given month. But I often find posts or boards with 20+ theme ideas completely overwhelming, so decided to go with a limited top selection here!

I’d also love to know what theme you’re planning on using this September! Please drop a comment below to let me know! If you’d like to sign up to my newsletter to see more spreads and inspiration, fill in the form below and I’ll see you soon!

September Bullet Journal Theme Ideas

8 thoughts on “Four Fabulous September Bullet Journal Theme Ideas to Try Out!”

  1. I love these ideas! I normally go minimalist look in my bullet journal because I am not very good with the arty stuff but the Harry potter stuff is just gorgeous.

    Pinterest is an absolute goldmine for bullet journal ideas, I can get lost for hours!

    Thanks for sharing x

    1. I started very minimalist but I’ve been steadily getting more adventurous- my August spreads are poles apart from my January ones! I’m not arty at all either but practice does help ☺️ I may do some printing for Harry Potter though- don’t think I can do it justice otherwise! Thanks for commenting x

    1. From what I’ve seen Autumn is by far the most popular this time of year- really keen to have a crack at Harry Potter though!

  2. lifewithkadie

    I love looking at bullet journal ideas. I have one I just bought that I want to start for September as I am going back to school but I don’t know where to begin, so these are great to see! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Glad I could help provide some inspiration☺️ I didn’t hear about Bullet Journals until after I’d finished school/university which is such a shame! Good luck with both getting your journal set up and school!

  3. I love the idea of a Harry Potter themed bujo! That idea had never even occurred to me. What I fun way to kick off the month!

    1. September marks a year of Bullet Journaling so needed a way to celebrate! Got it drawn up yesterday and absolutely love how it turned out!

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