Week 20 2020 #afterthepen

A full week last week! I didn’t quite get to all the workouts I wanted to, but that’s ok, it’s still good to have goals!

Two PC games on this week; a bit of modded Minecraft early in the week and then the last major update of Terraria over the weekend so I’ve been playing that since.

Overall a pretty productive week; got my shipping booked for my move back to Aus, as well as getting quite a few blog posts written up in advance as well as starting my Introduction to Journaling series- just as well given I’m now back at work!

I’m on a definite countdown now so every week completed is a step closer which is always a nice feeling. Catch you all tomorrow 👋

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  1. Looks like a great set up. I used a bee and honeycomb theme too, it’s so bright and perfect for this nicer weather. It’s great you had a productive week

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