May Bullet Journal Summary

So here are my monthly trackers for May now that the month is over!

I really like how all the little bees look now the sleep tracker is completed, and honestly they weren’t that difficult to draw in every day- honestly pretty good practice for my very poor drawing skills.

Lots of days ticked off on my habit tracker too; a record month I do believe! I’m not a huge fan of the layout, I much prefer the calendar spreads I usually use- easier to keep track of what day you’re up to!

My favourites for the month! Alongside my monthly stats I’ve decided to start listing favourite TV show of the month etc. I know I’ve got Lord of the Rings twice but a) I’d forgotten how amazing the movies are- we’ll not really forgotten but appreciated the reminder and b) there’s not much to be doing at the moment so actually sitting down for the event of a marathon was an achievement!

I’ve been watching a heap of Civ V videos as background noise now I’m back at work and that’s made me get back into playing; it’s good fun putting the settings on random and seeing what happens!

How did your goals go in May? Do you like reviewing what you’ve done over the course of the month and picking out your favourites?

4 thoughts on “May Bullet Journal Summary”

  1. I’ve been wanting to do a honeycomb theme in my bullet journal for a while….might need to copy yours hahaha. I love your favoruite’s page – I wouldn’t survive without mine. I’ve been playing Civ VI for ages now and I adore it – was thinking about buying Civ V – what do you think?

    1. It was a pretty popular theme last month honestly and I’d be flattered by anyone copying my spreads! I’ve only done a favourites list the past two months when I think it’s been really important to focus on the positives but it’s definitely something I’ll continue.
      I’ve never played Civ VI; I absolutely love V and VI is still really expensive and I haven’t been that sold by the play throughs I’ve seen. One thing I would say if you’re considering getting V is that the base game is pretty narrow and that the two main expansion packs make a huge improvement. I’d say stick it on your Steam Wishlist and wait for a big sale 😉
      Thanks for commenting and subscribing too always much appreciated and I hope you enjoy the rest of the blog!

      1. 100% they are going on my steam wishlist! Like stationary and books, I don’t think you can ever have enough games 😂😂 I can’t wait to read more of your posts 🤗

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