Week 28-29 2020 Spread

Really pleased at how this spread turned out! It’s one of my regular layouts but the background is quite ambitious for my artistic skills!

As I’m including my habit trackers in my weekly spreads this months I’ve had to switch a few bits around but still like how the layout looks. I haven’t completed what my tracked habits are going to be yet as I don’t actually know where I’m going to be and what will be reasonably achievable in that location- and I don’t want to jinx anything by writing down anything at this stage!

I’m not sure if I’m enjoying how loose my theme is for July either at this stage; the last few months it’s been limited quite easily in terms of colours I’ve used but this month so far I’m quite all over the place. While I’m not concerned about that effecting the look really, it does mean that each week requires a bit more thought!

What are your thoughts about monthly themes? Do you like them making them firm colour choices to make life a bit easier for weekly spreads or do you enjoy being a bit more free form?

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