June Bullet Journal Summary

Here is my completed monthly log page for June. I think in the end I didn’t give myself enough room for the log and it ended up quite cramped which isn’t ideal so I think if I do use a vertical log again I’ll give myself the full page for that and use a second for a mini calendar and any task or goal lists.

You can also see here my blog tracker for the month and as you can see I had better intentions than I actually achieved across the month. In my defence it get pretty manic at times but I need to get a bit better at having some posts prepared beforehand for emergencies if needed and just giving myself the time to sit down and get them written every other day at least- I’ll certainly try to do a lot better in July given how much free time I will have!

I was really happy with how well I did with my habits this month. I had a few more days consuming soft drink than I’d like but we had some really warm weather so I believe they were justified! In particular I’m really pleased with how well I’ve incorporated daily stretches and some quick brain training into my day. I didn’t do quite as well with the yoga and HIIT sessions I was aiming for but again, the heat definitely contributed to the latter!

I’m also really satisfied how the sleep tracker turned out, I decided to go simple and it paid off I think given how it looks now. A bit of a drop off on my sleep average across the month but I think given everything that was going on as well as the environmental factors it’s not too surprising.

Finally, my monthly summary! I’ve only done this for a couple of months now but I really enjoy the way it makes me flip back through the month and my read & watch log and have a recap of what exactly has happened and what I’ve enjoyed. I won’t go into detail here as you can read my comments for yourself if you’re interested but I did enjoy investigating why I enjoyed different things.

Do you recap your month as it finishes in your journal? If so what do you focus on and record?

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