Week 27 2020 #afterthepen

My very odd half week 27 to finish off June! Really pleased with myself that I got two half hour yoga sessions in after being quite neglectful of them after coming back off furlough.

Another set back this week with my flights home as after an issue with the quarantine scheme in Melbourne meaning they’re not accepting international arrivals for two weeks (timing, seriously!)

As it stands now (5/7) I am meant to now be flying into Sydney but given they have also announced restrictions on the number of passengers they are accepting per day, I have no idea at this stage whether or not I will be getting on a plane on Wednesday- and certainly I won’t be feeling any relief of being on my way until the plane actually takes off- whenever that is!

All I can do at this point is wait and see what happens. Obviously it’s stressful (for me and for everyone else around me) but it’s completely out of my control so all I can do is breathe, keep journaling and try not to get wound up- I’ll get home eventually, even if it’s not as soon as I would like!

What plans have you had scuppered by the current world crisis? Obviously there are a lot of things worse than having travel plans chopped and changed but sometimes it’s all you can do to focus on the small things!

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