Week 9 2021 Update and Bullet Journal Spread

Week 9 of 2021 marks the end of a journal for me! I’ve had eight months in this, my third Bullet Journal, and I’m really proud that I’ve kept it going. I’ve also been able to develop it into something that’s both useful and beautiful. As someone with minimal artistic confidence, that’s been hugely confidence-building.

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Week 9 2021 Bullet Journal Spread

As this is my second last spread in this journal, I decided to try out a watercolour wash for the first time. I knew that if it ended up making a mess it wouldn’t bother me too much right at the end of my journal! While I thought it was too pale when I was painting, I think it’s turned out really prettily.

Anything stronger would have been difficult to then write on which would waste space. While the sections I’ve washed have gone a bit crinkly, my washi tape borders worked perfectly, leaving me with a crisp outline which I love.

It’s also very satisfying to have so perfectly finished a journal. While I’m not fussed about starting a new journal with the New Year, cutting a month in half would bother me! When I finished the last journal, I ended up with several pages wasted at the back, but here, once I have my February summary completed, there’ll be no waste!

Before I move on to the setup of my new Bullet Journal, be sure to check out the highlights of my last eight months below!

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Week 9 2021 Personal Update

The last week has definitely been an interesting one. From my first opportunity to work from home, since moving back from the UK, to getting my new journal ready to go!

I’ve discovered I really love planning how I’ll set up my next journal. It’s a great opportunity to review what worked, what didn’t, and where you can improve things. One of my big changes was having a unified theme for my setup. When I set up my current journal there was no real pattern, and while the pages look fine, they don’t flow.

I’m really happy with what I’ve ended up with, and I can’t wait to share it with you all! On that note, that’s it from me for this weekly update, I’ve got to go start my post about my new setup, so look out for it coming soon!

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