Week 24 2020 Spread

A new spread! This one I spotted on Instagram and really liked the fact that it was simple and had enough room for both a to do list and for a ‘next week’ box, both of which are musts for me on a weekly spread.

I’m really getting close to the end of my current journal now and despite the fact I’ve been laying out spreads in my new Leuchtturm journal for weeks, I just haven’t clicked with it. As weird as it sounds, I’m quite put- off by how hard and shiny the cover is (even though it’s a gorgeous colour) compared to my last two journals- it doesn’t feel forgiving somehow. I also am finding the pages really thin. I know it’s good quality paper and maybe I’m just really heavy handed with pens, but I don’t like the fact that if I rule up one spread I can see the imprints of the lines for the next several pages- not to mention the ink ghosting.

I understand that these journals are generally some of the best rated in the Bullet Journal community but unfortunately it just didn’t click for me- and I’m aware that if I’m already not enjoying how things turn out now, it’s going to be really hard to keep up a journaling habit.

Therefore I have raided my splurge account and ordered a journal from Archer & Olive; who have pages twice the thickness of the Leuchtturm journals plus really plush looking covers (with very cute gilded animals to boot!) Hopefully then I’ll be able to let loose with any pens and not have to worry about my heavy-handedness!

While it hasn’t yet arrived I’ll be able to copy the spreads I’ve already drawn up across so when it does arrive getting it set up shouldn’t take too long- just as well as I’ll be needing it from the start of July!

Wow that was a long post! What are your preferences when it comes to journals? Do you have a favourite brand or do you grab whatever’s nearest? I’d be really interested to know what you think!

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