Week 21 2020 #afterthepen

My first week back at work! It was quite busy overall but not overly taxing which was nice to come back to.

I really didn’t do well with my workout goals this week, I hadn’t aimed high but didn’t get a single yoga of HIIT session in. I do daily stretches (and haven’t missed a day since March!) but I was really hoping to get a bit better at doing something extra every other day so that’s something I’ll have to work a bit harder towards.

Now, if you have been paying attention, I mentioned yesterday that there was quite a glaring mistake with this spread when I first drew it up and shared it with you last week- I completely forgot what month it was and put April! I only spotted this when drawing up this week (and no one pointed it out to me!) but I’ve done a bit of a fix-up (so I don’t confuse myself later on) and now this spread is actually accurate!

Have you ever made such a clanging mistake as this and then not realised for ages? You feel so daft!

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