Week 29 2020 Spread

As those with keen eyes may spot, this is not a full weekly spread! As my flight plans for this month have gone to hell in a handcart and back (several times) I’ve decided I was probably jinxing myself by planning my spreads around when I was meant to be flying and then in quarantine.

This week’s spread then is only for four days, and while I possibly could squish that into one page, I decided to give myself more room as well as avoiding the issue of what to do with a spare blank page!

The colouring here is based on the old airmail envelopes with their very distinctive blue and red patterning, probably because at this stage, I wish I could just post myself to Australia…

Admittedly I’m not super pleased with how random the colouring of the weekly spreads has been so far in July, so I think next month I’m going to be a bit firmer with myself and select just a handful of pens and washi tapes to use and stick with those to keep things consistent.

Hopefully, I’ve got a bit more to write up over the next four days than that my flights have changed again, but as I am currently on the phone with an airline who is trying to relegate me to flights in August I somehow doubt it.

If my plans are shifted as far away as August, however, I think I’m going to have to look at partially unpacking some of my own clothing and possibly looking for some work- just so I have a bit more to do than the current sit and wait for bad news routine! 

This is a very difficult time to stay positive for a lot of people; what tricks are you employing to keep yourself motivated and moving forwards?

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