Week 27-28 2020 Spread

With my first weekly spread in my new journal, I do admit I’ve gone slightly off-piste! As I split the week starting June 29th into two, I left myself a bit of an issue; either I did half-week spread to start with or think of something different. I went for a different option.

As this particular layout lends itself really well to actually including eight days rather than seven (I usually use the eighth spot for what’s happening the next week, but in this case that’s nothing!) I decided to have my first spread cover the rest of the time I have left in the UK (if everything goes to plan…) This made sense as I am using weekly habit trackers for July and as the eighth is when I am flying, that is when my routines will have to change to allow for the restrictions of quarantine.

July’s weekly spreads are therefore going to span across two weeks (although this will be the only eight-day one), so Week 28-29 will cover the 9th-15th and Week 29-30 the 16th-22nd while I languish in quarantine before doing a half week 30 covering 23rd-26th and then getting back to normal with week 31 from the 27th. Hopefully, that’s not too confusing, and honestly, I’ve mostly written it out so I remember what the plan is going forwards!

If you’re a journaler, have you ever split weeks up weirdly like this in order to make things like holidays block together more easily? Or do you think I’m an utter maniac for what I have planned for the rest of the month? Either way, I’d love to know so make sure you drop me a comment!

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