Week 23 2020 #afterthepen

Another busy week! I finally started physically packing and got one box done (after unpacking and repacking it for weight issues!) which is nice, although now I’m wondering how on earth I’m going to fill up my other boxes without going over the weight limits- as it’s the heavy stuff like crockery I’ve not touched!

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I made a big jump last week and decided I’m not happy with the notebook I’d already bought- and as you know started laying out- for my next journal so decided to bite the bullet so to speak and order a new one with much thicker pages that should work better for my heavy-handed ways.

Last week also made a bit of a milestone for me in that when it finished I only had 10 working days left at my current job! I know I’m slightly mad to be leaving a stable job in what is one of the most unstable economic climates of the last century, but while most white-collar jobs are currently fine with their staff working from home, working from the other side of the world is another matter! Job hunting once I get back to Australia (and have finished my mandatory two-week quarantine) is going to be a bit tricky, but I won’t have many expenses as I’m moving back to my parents’ and I have a decent savings buffer. Because of these factors, it’s probably going to be a good opportunity to reassess my career aspirations (current status: none) and see where I want to aim long-term rather than jump into the first thing that comes my way.

So, lots of changes coming my way in the next month, most of them good (which I am aware makes me very fortunate in the current circumstances.) What’s happening in your lives at the moment? Has your work life changed? Have you been trying to find a new place to live via Zoom property viewings? Are all your summer holiday plans in tatters and you’re trying to figure out what you’ll do instead? Nothing is certain at the moment unfortunately, and people have had their lives turned upside down by events far worse than the few I’ve listed. I’m not going to list them, because I don’t believe I can do them justice having not experienced them, but if I have one hope left for 2020, it is that people will be kinder, fairer and more compassionate at the end of it than they were at the start.

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