Week 22 2020 Spread

A new layout! As you probably know by now, that’s a rarity for me but May ends with a Sunday so my normal monthly crossover spread would be a bit surplus so I decided to try something new.

It’s the end of the month here, so I thought to finally bring in the product of all the bees and honeycomb from the month- a honeypot! I’m really not a freehand artist at all but fairly pleased with how it came out in the end.

I’ve really enjoyed this theme for May, it’s so bright and cheerful but at the same time I’ve now had two very colourful months in a row so I think June is going to be a bit more minimal and simple- which is probably just as well as it’s going to be a very busy month!

One thing I have to confess to however- and if you go back to last week‘s spread you’ll see it because I only just noticed it (whoops)- I’ve apparently been a bit forgetful about what month it is because I wrote this and last week up as April not May! I realised before I finished this so it is now correct, but the corrected version of last week will only ever be in #afterthepen form so feel free to check out last week’s post and laugh!

Looking like another busy week so very happy to be enjoying a bank holiday today before heading back to work tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Week 22 2020 Spread”

    1. There were lots of people doing bee spreads this month I have to say, and I’ve got a really busy month coming up so definitely going a bit less complicated for June. I’ll be posting my spread at the end of the week ☺️

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