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Lock-down time management and activities

First of all, I’m very lucky. I live in a first-world country with public healthcare and a government that surprised us all by agreeing to support wages so workers could be furloughed on at least 80% of their normal salary.

I’ve been off work for almost a month now and it’s honestly quite weird going from a full-time work schedule to absolutely nothing- with the added catch of not being able to go anywhere. I knew I’d go crazy in a week with no schedule at all so one of the first things I did was draw up the above daily plan.

I live with my partner and we’ve been splitting cooking down the middle with Friday nights for takeaway so my schedule is based around four TV blocks dependent on who happens to be cooking that night. For each of those blocks, you get control of the TV to watch a movie, TV or use the PlayStation while the other person can occupy themselves otherwise. I’ve found the 2 hour blocks are really useful because it means you don’t get sucked into doing one thing for an entire day and then not want to touch it again for a week- enforced variety so to speak!

We’re also making sure we get a walk daily (so far the weather has been cooperative) and an hour of screen-free time which is really important when we spend a lot of time on our laptops- although journaling also gives my eyes a change which is great.

I’ve been really good at switching around what I’m doing- a few examples are on the right side of the spread- although I haven’t yet got onto an online learning course which I did mean to do- but then again I’ve been doing a workout or yoga every other day, and am back to doing daily French lessons on Duolingo (it’d been so long I’ve had to start from scratch!)

Overall the schedule is working really well and we get a break from it over the weekend- so far no fights over the remote to report! How are you managing your time in lock-down?

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