Week 36 2020 Update and Bullet Journal Spread

Another week down! Here in Australia, today is the last official day of Winter and the weather warming up. After freezing weather and snow a week ago, it’s getting warm enough to ditch coats on walks. Last week I talked about resetting my habits, this week I’m happy to report that I’m back on track and, as we enter week 36 2020, ready to tackle Spring head-on.

Week 36 2020 Spread

I’m going to keep things short today as I’m aware my last post on Bullet Journal Trackers was enormous- and I don’t want to overwhelm you all!

This week I’ve returned to my favourite weekly spread. I love both its usefulness at branching across two months and the way it unifies the pages. Most weekly spreads keep areas for daily logs or tasks to one page. The way this one approaches a journal as a single page makes it stand out from the crowd.

I’ve also stuck to my traditional approach of keeping a week together, regardless of when the month ends. I’ve only deviated from this maxim once, and I ended up with very messy weekly spreads. I prefer to keep my weeks regimented Monday to Sunday and keep them in whichever month they start in. By staying consistent, even on weeks like this where only Monday belongs in August, I always know what I’m doing.

While this way of working isn’t for everyone, I’ve learnt in the past year of journaling that consistency is essential. That way I won’t end up confused by what goes where and I can always find what I’m looking for!

What I’ve been up to…

I mentioned at the start of this post that the weather has improved over the past few days here. While we’re on stage three COVID restrictions, and movement is limited, where I live you can easily find a quiet spot for a walk. I’ve been for several socially-distanced, masked walks with a couple of different friends and have enjoyed exploring the local area. We also had a bonfire over the weekend as lockdown time has meant the garden is tidier than ever, and we had a lot of waste to dispose of; and what better way on a winter evening than a bonfire!

While it’s great to be able to enjoy the improving weather, our lockdown has at least another two weeks to run. There’s no news yet on what the next step will be, but hopefully, where I live we’ll be able to do a bit more socialising. I’m certainly looking forward to getting out camping with friends again!

I don’t have a lot planned for this week, apart from an overdue haircut- it’s been over six months! I also need to get a few more job applications in; I’m currently in that awkward stage of waiting to hear back, which is never fun! Apart from that, however, all I have to do is my usual end-of-month summaries, which I enjoy doing.

That’s it from me today. Make sure you check back later in the week for my magical September setup, and if you missed my earlier hints, click here for a final spoiler on my theme! For now, though, all the best, enjoy what week 36 2020 brings to you, and I’ll see you soon!

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