Week 5 2021 Update and Bullet Journal Spread

Whoops, I’m late! I would say there’s no excuse given I’ve had a long weekend, but having my computer on would have raised my room to unusable temperatures. Despite getting to forty (Celcius) the past couple of days, however, it’s now raining heavily and under twenty- go figure. It’s to the sound of rain on an iron roof then that I’m sharing my Bullet Journal setup for week 5 of 2021.

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Week 5 2021 Bullet Journal Spread

I’ve enjoyed January’s theme so much I’m loathed to leave it behind! Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not a pink fan, but the vibrancy of these colours has made this month pop from the page. I’ve once again skipped the month-end spread I used a lot last year because with January ending on a Sunday it was unnecessary to include two mini calendars.

Given it is the final week of January, I need to think of a theme for February quick-smart. I’m definitely not going Valentine’s themed, but beyond that, I’m not entirely sure! Given how much madness is going on in my life I think I’ll really need to keep it simple, so it may be a case of just picking a single colour and sticking with it.

If you’ve got any ideas for me, or want to share what you’re doing for February in your Bullet Journal, please let me know in the comments!

Week 5 2021 Personal Update

The last few weeks I’ve been talking about house-hunting and car buying. I’m getting familiar with my new car and despite a couple of financial wobbles, it looks like I’m not far from signing contracts for the house!!!

This long weekend, however, it’s been great to step back and properly relax. It’s been a weekend of reading and Netflix bingeing. The new series Bridgerton was recommended to me, and yes, while it is trashy and predictable I absolutely loved it. I’ve been a reader of Regency romances for a while, an inherited interest stemming from the very non-bodice ripping books of Georgette Heyer. While Regency plots are often fantastical and full of clichés, I still enjoy their ability to spin a world both foreign and recognisable.

While Bridgerton is an obviously modernised, Americanised translation of Regency London, that certainly doesn’t make it any less entertaining. After all, what’s wrong with enjoying the occasional trashy rom-com? Unfortunately for me, it’s back to the real world of the 9-5 tomorrow, but a girl can still dream of grand balls and Dukes!

All the best from me for now and thank you for reading! Be sure to check out some of my other posts if you like my journaling style or want some info on how to start your own Bullet Journal- and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more!

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  1. That looks so sweet! I’m like that sometimes, I have a theme for a certain month and then I just want to keep going with it 😅

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