December Bullet Journal Setup πŸŽ„

‘Tis the season to be Jolly! In a year that’s taken the world by surprise (and not in a good way,) this December is a great time to try to brighten our lives in any way we can. For me, this includes having a fun and festive December Bullet Journal setup. While this festive season is not going to be normal, it does provide a great opportunity to create new traditions and make the most of it!

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December Bullet Journal Cover Page

December Bullet Journal Setup Cover Page

Honestly, my Christmas Bullet Journal theme is a bit all over the place! It did, however, start with a simple idea: using what we had around the house.

Several years ago, when my Mum was teaching primary school art, she purchased huge amounts of Christmas paper for activities. It wasn’t all used, so has been gathering dust in the attic. I remembered it had great patterns so decided to put some of it to use!

I’ve always preferred a traditional Christmas colour scheme of red, green and gold. I really don’t like ‘modern’ decorations that are weird colours like pink, although I understand that blue and silver are wintery. With this in mind, you’ll understand why this theme has nothing in common other than colours and scrap paper!

December Monthly Log

December Bullet Journal Setup Monthly Log

As per usual, I’ve stuck to my calendar layout for my monthly log. While I know this isn’t the traditional Bullet Journal layout, this works much better for me ovisually.

I enjoy having my spreads laid out similarly each month because it helps maintain the habits I’ve worked on. If I move things around too much I’m more likely to slack off!

As I’m now earning and commuting to a town which has an indoor pool, I’ve decided to start swimming again! I’ve only gone a couple of times so far, but I’ve really enjoyed it and am very satisfied that while my fitness is down, I haven’t lost my technique during my five-year hiatus. Making sure I get to the pool at least twice in December is, therefore, a really important goal, especially as the weather warms up and other forms of exercise lose their appeal!

Mood & Habit Tracker Setups

December Bullet Journal Setup Trackers

Since I started monthly mood trackers with this journal in July, I’ve decided I love the way they can be adapted to your monthly theme. A few of the schemes I’ve used include an aeroplane seating map, a Hogwarts house points tracker and last month’s campfires.

Like in November, I’ve used a full-page print-off to achieve the level of detail I wanted. I think it’s turned out really well, and I certainly look forward to filling it in over the coming month.

If you remember my habit tracker from November, you’ll notice that I’ve cut down considerably. As I’m now earning, my no-spend tracker is redundant and similarly, getting to know my new job is more than enough brain training without adding a daily app workout! To me, December is a month to relax a little, so cutting down on your daily habits is a great way to do this.

December Bullet Journal Blog Tracker

December Bullet Journal Setup Blog Goals

Once again, I’ve used the same layout for tracking my blog statistic in my Bullet Journal- why? Because it works really well! I think being able to check my progress mid-month is a great way to see if what I’m doing is working, and to amend my strategies.

I plan on being ambitious with my freebies in December, so make sure you keep an eye out for them if you’re already a subscriber, or sign up now to access my Free Resource Library!

For now, though, check out this month’s blogging goals in more detail below, check out my other Christmas posts and enjoy the festive season! Don’t forget to drop me a comment to let me know what you think of my December Bullet Journal setup!

OctoberNovemberDecember Goals
Blog Views606578630
Blog Visitors325325350
Email Subscribers171719
Pin Impressions603038044000
Pin Audience293620852200
Pin Clicks111617
Twitter Followers657985
Facebook Page Likes111213

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