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At the start of this year I started recording which books, films and TV series I’ve finished.

In all honesty, I think in a normal year I’d only complete a double page spread in a year but as you can see, I filled in two pages by the end of June so I have another double spread set up in my new journal that will hopefully last until the end of the year!

I will happily admit that I haven’t been particularly adventurous with my reading this year, but I also think that if any year justifies comfort reading this is it!

In what my boyfriend probably counts as one of his greatest achievements, I have also seen a ridiculous amount of films this year. Again, some have been old favourites (LotR marathon anybody) but there have been some new ones too; I really enjoyed Knives Out and Little Women at the start of the year- when we could still go to the cinema that is!

Do you record what you read and watch? It’s not something I’ve done before but I think it’s really satisfying to look back at what you’ve been through- and when it’s acceptable to re-visit an old favourite!

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