Week 32 2020 Spread

Week 32 2020 Spread

Hi all, another week, another spread! I can’t believe we’re up to week 32 2020 already. This is my first weekly spread using my mountain theme for August. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know that this layout is one of my regular rotation, keep reading to find out why!

I think having a few weekly spreads to rotate between aids to make setups manageable. If I don’t have much time, I have a reference for sizing and can get a spread drawn up quickly. When I have more time I try out new spreads, but there’s no pressure to think up something new each week.

This spread is my second-favourite of the ones I’ve used. I love how simple it is to draw up and the feeling of space that I get from the wide margins. It also provides enough space for everything I require on a weekly spread.

As well as space for every day (I always have the weekend separated,) I also love having a mini-calendar to know where I am in the month. Most important for me, however, is a to-do list and an area for events happening in the next week. The to-do list is important if tasks aren’t for a specific day. As for the next week area; if I don’t use this I forget something that’s happening the next week which is not ideal!

I’m reliant on my weekly spreads to keep me organised as I’m not consistent at keeping my monthly log updated. I prefer weekly logging for this reason. Unlike daily logs which rely on your monthly setup for updates, weekly logs give a concise overview. Like all things Bullet Journal, this is a personal preference, and you should do whatever works best for you!

Quarantine Update

As you may know, if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, I am currently in hotel quarantine. I’m amazed by how quickly the time has gone so far- getting this blog running has taken up a lot of my time!

Honestly, quarantine could be a lot worse. My room is comfortable and quiet- with an amazing view. The food quality does fluctuate, but something edible is delivered each day. It’s not perfect, but all I can do is make the best of the situation! In a positive update, I received a negative result on my recent COVID test, and a have another on Friday before I am released next week.

Although restrictions are changing daily, travelling south should be fine, but I’d appreciate any crossed fingers! What disappoints me is that so many people are still doing the wrong thing that restrictions have tightened. Because idiots are driving hundreds of kilometres for burgers, case (and death) figures continue to rise. While I understand that lockdown fatigue is a factor, and the economy is suffering, neither is an excuse to risk the lives of others.

Right; enough, doom and gloom! Thanks for reading checking out my spread and personal update for Week 32 2020. It’s been a really interesting week for me in terms of blog development. I’d love to hear some feedback on what you think of this weekly spread. I also have a new home page layout, so make sure to drop me a comment below on either!

2 thoughts on “Week 32 2020 Spread”

  1. It is admirable to jot down a schedule and feels rewarding for every accomplishment. Glad your covid test turned out negative and I wish you a safe journey home. Keep up the positivity (I know some people are really frustrating; don’t worry I won’t say more!); and we just continue to be responsible in all things we do. Take care!

  2. Thanks for your best wishes. I think given the circumstances having a rough schedule to guide what you’re doing is really beneficial; I was on furlough for six weeks earlier in the year and keeping to a schedule allowed my partner and I to maintain some sort of normality. All the best and stay safe x

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