Week 30 2020 Spread

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Hello and welcome to my new blog! For those of you who are new, welcome; for those who have followed me across, welcome back!

I’m kicking off this blog with a nautical weekly spread to match my monthly travel theme. Unfortunately, my lovely gold pens don’t show up hugely well in pictures, but I’m sure you all get the gist.

I’m doing something a bit different this week other than lazing around and waiting for the inevitable flight cancellation; canal boating! For those unfamiliar, it’s putting slowly down ex-industrial waterways on a very skinny boat. It’s not something I’ve done in about twenty years, so looking forward to it as a change of routine!

Returning to my spread for this week, I’ve particularly enjoyed the added challenge of incorporating habits into each spread. I had become reliant on reusing my favourite layouts, so it’s been good for me to adjust them to fit the tracker in.

A New Blog!

For those of you who are old followers; thank you very much for coming across to my new site! For now, it looks very similar, but I will have a play around when I am stuck in a hotel quarantining for two weeks.

I decided to start paying for a domain to have more of a say about what I could do. It has been more work to get set up but worth it in the long run. Given the new possibilities, I may move slightly away from my regular weekly spread posts in future. But for now, I enjoy sharing my designs as well as keeping you all up to date!

If you want to read a bit more on my thinking starting up a fully-blown blog, read my about page.

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