Week 39 2020 Update and Bullet Journal Spread

Another week has finished! It’s certainly been a busy one for my blog, with the first post of my new Job Hunting series launched and two free printables now available for all my amazing subscribers! So far it hasn’t been the best month on the blog, while the last two months cracked around 400 views, so far I’ve struggled to make 100 in September. As we enter week 39 of 2020 then, I have a plan to improve my figures!

Week 39 2020 Bullet Journal Spread

While I love these posts reflecting on what I’m up to, I realise they don’t give you- the reader- much value. My aim for the rest of the year then is to create as much valuable content as possible.

As mentioned above, my first step towards this is a post series on Job Hunting. As I’m currently mid-search myself, it felt like a perfect opportunity to share my knowledge and help others. This is particularly true given the current economic situation and the subsequent spike in unemployment.

If you’re on the hunt for work or know someone who is, be sure to check out the first post. You can also download the free planner and tracker I’ve created to keep on top of your employment goals and applications!

As it’s almost October (what? when did that happen?) I’ve also created a couple of downloadable calendar spreads! With two design options; both including a full calendar, to-do list and habit tracker, you can get October organised in style!

Speaking of getting October organised, it’s time to start brainstorming themes for your Bullet Journal! Halloween is hugely popular, but don’t forget there are heaps of other ideas out there. Check out these great autumn theme ideas or fabulously flowery spring designs on my Pinterest if you’re stuck for inspiration!

That’s it for me today. Week 39 2020 is shaping up to be a busier one here, so all the best, and make sure you check out my new freebie downloads. Available to all subscribers!

Week 39 2020 Pin

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    1. It’s funny, I like autumn, but Halloween isn’t a huge thing in Australia- in part because it’s spring here! I’m doing a spring theme for October- I’ve been witchy this month with Harry Potter 😉

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