Week 19 2020 #afterthepen

Wow, it looks like I got a heap done last week (spoiler I didn’t really!)

The most notable points are that I got through two yoga sessions as planned and pretty much completed my ‘event’ journal for the past three years which is a complication of all the tickets I’ve collected over that time period for holidays, movies and other days out. I’ve always collected these so it’s really nice to have been able to collate them all in order to look back at later (possibly…)

Do you have anything similar to the ‘event’ journal? I wouldn’t like to combine them with my bullet journal as I prefer to keep it pretty orderly but I find it’s a nice compliment- although my new one for 2020 is really quite empty at the moment for obvious reasons!

Let me know if you’d be interested in having a look at my 2017-2019 event journal, and I’ll look at filming a flip-through!

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