Week 26 2020 Spread

Week 26! Officially then, once this week is over we’re halfway through the year (and where on earth has it gone!)

I’ve now finished working in the UK and my last couple of weeks left are dedicated to packing, cleaning and generally attempting to get organised.

I threw this spread together in about five minutes today- very unusual for me, I generally get the spread done before the week actually starts! I was in a bit of a weird headspace over the weekend coming to terms in part with the fact that I’m going to be saying goodbye to the first place I’ve really been able to make mine, and also the conundrums that coming with packing everything into boxes- when the hell are you supposed to pack your entire kitchen and what are you supposed to do in the meantime?!?

Packing is one of things that’s really hard to know where to start, can be pretty fast and efficient once you start but then you look around and discover there’s way more stuff to pack than you realised- and that’s in a flat that was already furnished so I don’t have to worry about packing anything too big!

This week’s spread is therefor very simple and I’ve expanded my to do list so I have more room for all the things that will undoubtedly crop up! I also only have 8 pages left in my current journal and my new journal is yet to materialise so I suspect once it does I’m going to have a busy couple of evenings getting it setup in the way I have planned- luckily at this stage I’m just transferring spreads so it shouldn’t be too much effort.

Anyway, that’s all from me today because I really need to go and do some more packing! What’s the biggest move you’ve made? How did you balance everything and get through without tearing your hair out? (Any advice will be honestly appreciated!)

All the best until next time!

2 thoughts on “Week 26 2020 Spread”

  1. I’m very impressed that anyone can be so organised and forward looking, in these weird Covid times. My biggest move was all done by the removal company, into a container.

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