Throwback: Week 14 2020

This is still probably my favourite weekly spread out of the ones I use on rotation. I like how much space you get for each day, the fact that it unifies the two pages rather than keep them separate and that it gives enough room to fit in two mini calendars.

This makes it perfect for weeks that are split between two months. Quite a lot of spreads I’ve seen on Instagram cut these weeks into two separate spreads so they fit neatly into the month, but I really enjoy weekly spreads because they allow me to see the whole week at a glance- that’s the point, so for me splitting them would feel quite odd- although that may be exactly what I do for the week bridging June and July as that’s when I’ll be switching across to my new journal!

What do you do at the end of a month? Carry the week across one spread or split it neatly?

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