Throwback: Week 2 2020 #afterthepen

Same old layout on this one! The amusing side note here is that I’d just bought my first washi tape so it’s been forced into use. Again, it’s interesting to go back and see what was happening- this week Mum and Dad flew back to Aus after spending Christmas and the New Year with me and I went to my first hockey training for five years! I also came up with the idea of sticking all my old tickets and postcards etc. in some of my many notebooks to record them which I think is a great idea but I’ve kind of let go by the wayside- partly because I’ve not gone to anything- and partly because a lot of my old tickets are up as a wall collage, although I’ll need to get them down soon!

Let me know what you think and if there’s anything in particular from my journal you’d like to see!

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