Week 45 2020 Bullet Journal Spread & October in Review

Weeks, months, who can keep up any more? I certainly can’t! This week I’m showing off my first weekly spread in my new November theme, as well as a review of my bullet journal in October. The last month has been fantastic, both in my journal and on my blog, so I can’t wait to share my progress! For now, let’s start for my setup of week 45 of 2020.

Week 45 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Week 45 2020 Bullet Journal Spread

I’ve finally done it! I promised a couple of weeks ago that I’d try out some different weekly layouts, and now I’ve delivered! This setup is different from my regulars as it doesn’t start in the top left corner with Monday or a mini calendar, but with my to-do list.

As we’re going away for a couple of nights this week, and I’ve got a couple of hopes on the job hunting front, I want to get organised. This means making sure my to-do list is front and centre!

I also like that this layout gives me enough space for a few decorative touches. Whether you’re aiming for a couple of doodles or want to showcase stickers or washi tapes, there’s a good balance here. The trick to trying new weekly setups for me is having enough room to be useful, balanced with white space. I find if I have all my ‘text boxes’ cramped in, it’s harder to pick out tasks or events, so keeping space around each day is important. Plus, white space doesn’t have to stay white!

I’m not sure yet if this will become a regular weekly spread, but I’m happy to give it a go for week 45 of 2020 and see how it goes!

October Review

October was definitely a positive month for me. Every time I opened my journal, I appreciated my chosen theme, and here on the blog, things took off! Let’s take a closer look at both!

October Bullet Journal Review

Bright colours in my Bullet Journal are a huge mood lifter. I discovered this back in April and May when the UK was in its first lockdown, and things were pretty miserable. My bright rainbow and honeycomb themes really helped lift my mood whenever I opened my journal. The same was true in October with my ladybird theme.

If you want to see my October setup in more detail, check out this post, otherwise, sit back and check out this quick flip-through of the whole month!

I don’t really have a favourite spread for October, but I particularly love the washi tape that links every page. Having a unifying feature really helps tie a month together!

October Blog Review

I spoke in my November setup post about how pleased I am with my blogging statistics for October. After a rubbish September, it was great to have my numbers triple in some areas. I also loved the increased interaction with the blogging community, which is definitely something I will continue!

I also (finally) got all my fun legal pages sorted, which had an immediate impact! Keep your eyes peeled for my first collab post in the next month or so! October on my blog showed that while setting realistic goals is not only sensible, smashing them is immensely satisfying! Of my nine key goals below, eight were successful and some hugely passed expectations.

Of course, the challenge now is to keep my numbers this high and growing, but as I’m building a community and gaining SEO traction, I’m sure that’s achievable.

AugustSeptember October GoalsOctober
Blog Views391203225606
Blog Visitors216105120325
Email Subscribers9101217
Pin Impressions5143519855006030
Pin Audience1555211122002936
Pin Clicks22141511
Twitter Followers31384065
Facebook Page Likes881011

Week 45 & October Review in Conclusion

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mashup post of my week 45 setup and October review! Reflecting on the past month is always important to me, and as always, I love to share what my journal looks like every week!

If you have any suggestions on getting Pinterest clicks or new free resource ideas, drop me a comment and let me know! Otherwise, all the best, and don’t forget to subscribe below to gain access to my free resource library!

Week 45 Pin

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