New Journal Setup Pt.4

More from my new journal! This week it’s themes and setups, which I never really planned ahead in my current journal but I quite like the idea that at the end of the year I’ll have a page full of all the themes I’ve used to look back on.

The second page is an idea of how each month will be setup, with the trackers I’m thinking of using monthly.

One of the first things I decided when thinking about my new journal was that I wanted to use monthly mood trackers rather than the year in pixels I am currently using. This is because I’m really good at filling in my monthly habit trackers and my thinking is that if I incorporate mood into my monthly trackers I’ll be far more likely to update it daily- which is the best time to do so!

While I think this is a good idea of my monthly spreads, there are a couple of other pages I could think of adding; possibly finance and a favourites page but they could go at the end of the month if required so they’re still up in the air- and aren’t essential.

What do you include in your monthly spreads? Mine have now expanded from two to six- and soon to be eight pages which is getting slightly mad but I do enjoy and use what I’m tracking so they’re reasonable to keep. As always with bullet journaling, you can shape it to shape your needs- so don’t think it’s essential to add the same spreads as everyone else!

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