My Next Journal!πŸ“—

When I got halfway through my current journal I started thinking about my next one. I knew which one I wanted to go for- the darling of bullet journaling, the dotted Leuchtturm1917.

Before going out and making my purchase however (I gave myself a target of reaching a certain page) I did some planning.

Firstly I listed what I would do differently or add to my new journal- some key items being pages that had been numbered for me and a bigger index (my first journal I went completely overboard with about 4 pages, my current one I over compensated the other way and have had to squish everything onto a single page.) Both of these issues are solved for me by the Leuchtturm1917 which is why it was my top choice- plus the colour options!

Secondly, I wrote up a list of the spreads I would need to transfer over to my new journal; especially given that it’s a mid-year transfer (which should be the start of July.)

When I ordered my new journal I went for the Pacific Green version (which is way more green than the picture shows!) I won’t deny that it’s really well made but I should have done a bit more research about paper thickness when I was buying because I think the pages are even thinner than my current journal which is honestly a real disappointment- but admittedly my own fault so next time I’ll be adding paper quality to my list of requirements!

The Leuchtturm1917 comes with a pre-drawn index, so once I had it in front of me I began planning out the initial setup that I would go with- so I didn’t jump in blind and miss out things that I’d later regret.

Now that I have a plan (below) and the journal, I’ve decided to get one spread a week laid out ahead of time; that way I can concentrate on my weekly spreads when I get onto using it rather than having to guess how many pages to leave blank to come back to when I have time. I’ve now started to break in my new journal with the very basic calendar spread below- and a second for 2021 on the next page as I have definitely found that being able to add things that far ahead is something I would like. Have you got any additional must-have spreads to recommend for me? Let me know!

For the second part of my new journal setup, check out this post!

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